La part des femmes is a committed collective, working in favor of the visibility and recognition of women photographers.

The organisation AWARE (Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions) works to make visible the women artists of the 20th century by producing and putting online, on its website, free and fully bilingual (French/English) content on their works.

Women Photograph, an initiative to raise the voice of women and non-binary photojournalists, is a database of more than 1,000 independent documentary photographers based in over 100 countries, privately accessible to any publisher or sponsoring organisation.

Women in Photography International is an online resource centre promoting the visibility of women photographers and their work through a variety of programmes, exhibitions, competitions and publications.

A network of 180 women from all areas surrounding photography. Les Filles de la photo organise conferences, round tables, mentoring projects and e-readings.

Hoping to work towards equality between women and men photographers, the Fast Forward Women in Photography program, initiated by Anna Fox and Karen Knorr, aims at creating new networks and spark debates and investigations around the stories of women photographers around the world. Thanks to the support of international organizations, Fast Forward Women in Photography regularly initiates conferences and workshops to provide access to the knowledge of women photographers.

Organisation offering, through the exchange of broadcasting tools dedicated to contemporary photography, an alternative to the lack of visibility of photography practised by women.

Collective of anonymous women activist artists using humour to expose gender and ethnic bias and corruption in politics and art.

Created by Carole Roussopoulos, Delphine Seyrig and Ioana Wieder, three feminist activists involved in video practice, the centre puts at the heart of its objectives the conservation and creation of audiovisual documents on women’s history, their rights, their struggles, their creations.

Platform for research, meetings and exhibitions aimed at creating and making visible a living, feminist archive of artists and activists from all over the world.